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At The Children’s Workshop Preschool we believe all children have an innate desire to learn and explore and that each child is a special individual.  At our preschool we work together, children, staff, parents, carers and the wider community to ensure ALL children learn and have FUN in a safe, nurturing environment that supports them to develop their individual potential whilst building HAPPY FRIENDSHIPS and MEMORIES.


We aim to provide an environment where children can:

Develop a ‘can do’ attitude 

  • We nurture our children’s sense of self and belief

  • We foster Self-Involvement, Engagement, Motivation and Risk Taking and Assessing

  • We motive exploration, investigation and problem solving

Develop a sense of ‘wonder of the world’:

  • We stimulate our children’s interest in their community, the world we live in and their sustainability

  • We love to learn outdoors, we have a special focus on Forest School inspired activities

  • We strive to enthuse children with a love for learning

Grow to be ‘their very best’

  • Developing skills for life such as listening, learning, manners, teamwork

  • Developing a strong sense of self as individual within a tolerant community built on respect for others

  • Developing resilience, independence and confidence to move towards each next step in life

  • Develop creativity and celebrate and listen to each other’s successes and ideas

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