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At The Children’s Workshop we believe in open communication with all parents/carers and staff and are therefore presenting this brief overview of the admissions and fee structure to ensure that everyone is fully aware of our allocation of places and charging.  To view the full Admissions, Fee Structure and Payments Policy document please navigate to our policy section of this website.



We have two intakes per year.  Our main intake is at the start of the academic year in September and we have a smaller intake in January.  Children must do a minimum of three sessions per week unless accessing the Working Parents Entitlements for 2-year-Olds where there is a four session minimum requirement.  One session is equivalent to one morning or afternoon.  Places and sessions are allocated as per the criteria in the admissions policy. 


A non-refundable £30 registration fee is payable with the application form, in order to secure a place on The Children's Workshop wait list.  Your child's name will not feature on the wait list until receipt of payment of the registration fee.  When making your payment, please provide your child's name and the letters "RegFee".  A child accessing a FreeFor2 place will be exempt from this fee. 


Our fee structure is inclusive of drinks and snacks. We are open for 38 weeks per year, closing on Bank Holidays. There is no charge for Bank Holidays. Our fees do not include any outings, celebrations or entertainment that is in addition to our usual session activities.

Fees are payable termly in advance, in accordance with the rates in force at the time. Fees are reviewed annually, in March of each year, or in the event of any changes to the Code of Practice. Any changes to current rates will be advised in writing, at least one term in advance.  The fees from September 2024, as agreed by the Committee of Trustees, will be:



We are registered for and can offer the following types of funding:

  • FreeFor2 (15 hours) - limited number of places offered

  • Working Parents Entitlement for 2 year olds (15 hours) - limited number of spaces offered

  • Universal Entitlement (15 hours) - all eligible families

  • Working Parents Entitlement for 3 & 4 year olds (30 hours) - limited number of spaces offered

Further details can be found in the Admissions, Fee Structure and Payments Policy.​

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